Imago Connects - A Workshop for Couples

Imago Connects is a one day relationship workshop for couples wanting to begin a journey from “instinctive” to “conscious and intentional” love. This model is based on the Imago Theory of best selling author and frequent Oprah guest, Dr. Harville Hendrix.

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True and enduring love does exist! By providing knowledge and experiential exercises, this workshop is designed for couples wanting to enrich their relationship and understand the natural flow and growth of healthy relationship. Imago theory offers a way toward a more deeply connected and intimate relationship.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn and practice the Imago Dialogue, a powerful relationship skill
  • Learn how to listen to your partner and stay connected even when there is conflict
  • Learn tools for dealing with relationship “hot buttons”
  • Learn how to remove negativity from your relationship
  • Understand the unconscious forces that influence romantic attraction
  • Learn to shift from “How can this relationship meet my needs?” to “What does our relationship need?”

About your presenters:

Stephanie Drieze Stephanie Drieze, LICSW, CGP is a certified Imago couples’ therapist and has over 20 years experience treating couples and families.

Janet WinocourJanet Winocour. LICSW, CGP is a certified Imago couples therapist and certified group therapist with over 20 years experience as a couples’ therapist.

Rich DomenicoRich Domenico, LICSW, is a certified Imago Couples' therapist and a certified sex therapist with over 15 years of experience treating couples.

Michael WinocourMichael Winocour, LICSW is a certified Imago educator who has been counseling couples for over 10 years.

Cost: $300 per couple

For questions or more information about the next workshop, contact: Stephanie Drieze (978) 922-3397 or Janet Winocour (978) 927-9773